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Approved Suggestions

Server: Dark
Group: Elements
Character: Schnuppa
Suggestion: Adding riddles to quests so that players will need to find out which monsters to kill for the quest items.

Server: Libra
Group: Constellation
Character: garth
Suggestion: I would like to see the guild war winner be determined by points over the entire time it is going on, not just the last few minutes. This would reward those guilds/players that play the entire time not the guild that waits until the last few minutes and grab the win.

Top Active

1Astraea Reminiscence 2298
2Lionela Lucky7 2224
3nogood Storm/Pishu_EU 1867
4LordDrake Pyramid 1794
5Kahori Freedom 1738
6C..12 Faith 1417
7Meridious Basilisk/Pegasus/Medusa 1408
8玈a唅ne Light 1180
9goldenknight SnowWhite/Cinderella 1166
10dayangel92 Fire/Water 1109

Top Creative

1LordDrake Pyramid 630
2Smok頽^Aces Venus/Mars 535
3Forerunner Thunder/Meteor 415
4Blubbler Dragon 298
5Shen Lucky7/Evolution/GardenOfEden/TangDynasty 259
6玈a唅ne Light 235
7Erasure Venus/Mars 228
8Cyla Venus/Mars 221
9Lionela Lucky7 210
10IceCuBe SnowWhite/Cinderella 205
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