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Christmas Coupon Giveaway - Credit to Earn Christmas Coupons During This Special Holiday!


Duration: 1:00 Nov. 14th - 24:00 Nov. 30th (PST)

1. During the event, players who credit a $7.99 TQ Point Card, $15.99 TQ Point Card, or $29.99 TQ Point Card will receive credits that can be used to acquire extra gifts!

TQ Point Card Credited Credits
$7.99 TQ Point Card 5 Credits
$15.99 TQ Point Card 10 Credits
$29.99 TQ Point Card 20 Credits

2. Once you have enough credits, you will earn different prize packs, which contain as much as 55,300 CPs (B)!

Credits Gift Pack Reward
50 Credits 160 CPs(B)
150 Credits 800 CPs(B)
300 Credits 2,150 CPs(B)
500 Credits 4,600 CPs(B)
800 Credits 9,000 CPs(B)
1,300 Credits 17,300 CPs(B)
2,000 Credits 30,750 CPs(B)
3,000 Credits 55,300 CPs(B)

Note: The gift packs will be delivered to those who meet the required credit amounts after the event ends. The packs only be available from Dec. 24th to 31st, after which they will expire.

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